Liberatus vs Proffsspelare

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”The latest battle between man and machine is being played out on the poker tables of a Pennsylvania casino, and so far humanity is losing.
An artificial intelligence computer program called Liberatus has accumulated winnings of almost $800,000 against a team of professional poker players at the Brain Vs. Artificial Intelligence competition at Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh.
Liberatus, developed by Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science, is aiming to be the first computer program to win a professional poker tournament—a game considered by many AI researchers to be one of the hardest for computers to beat humans at.”

På fredag, 3 mars 2017, kl. 14.03 i P1 sänder Vetenskapsradion ett program/inslag om Liberatus.
Enligt rykten som florerar är vår ordförande Ulf med i inslaget…
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