Sviten Special – Regler

Sviten Special Poker-SM 2013

Sviten Special is a split pot game. The game is basically a mix of Pot-Limit Omaha and Five-Card Draw. Half of the pot goes to best draw hand and the other half of the pot to the best Omaha hand. The Sviten Special game here in Poker-SM is played 6-handed and as Pot Limit.


The button, small and big blind all function the same as in normal Omaha (or Hold’em).

Each player is dealt five cards (all face down), and the first betting round ensues.

Just like Omaha, this game is played as a Pot-Limit game, since the action is already degenerate enough without allowing over-pot ships.

After completion of the first betting round a standard 3-card flop is dealt, (no ”burn card” is used in Sviten special) and the second betting round ensues. Once that betting round is complete, each player get the chance to exchange cards from their hand.

Players are allowed to keep all cards (stand pat) or exchange up to all five. There is only one draw, so choose wisely.

Players announce the number of cards they would like to exchange (separating them from their hand so that they can’t be changed after announcing) in the standard betting order. This means the button will always be the last player to lock in.

Once all players have locked in, the dealer deals new cards to all players, just like in standard 5-card draw.

The Draw Twist (one up)– There is a little twist to the draw portion of the hand. If you choose to exchange only one card, the dealer will deal you one card open, letting all players see that one card. You have the choice to take that card, or receive the next card in the deck face down.

Once all players have received their new cards the turn is dealt immediately. And the third betting round starts. The game functions the same as Omaha (or Hold’em) from this point on, until the showdown. That means that there is a fourth betting round after the river is dealt.

At the showdown the player with the best Omaha hand (2 cards from their hand, 3 from the board) wins half the pot, and the player with the best draw hand (all five cards from their hand) wins the second half.

Addional notes

During the initial deal, if a card is shown or dealt outside the table the hand is declared a misdeal and all cards should be collected and re-shuffled. This applies to all five cards dealt to all players.

If the dealer accidentally ”burns” one card before dealing the flop, turn or river the ”burn-card” should be collected into the deck of cards.

If the cards in the stub runs out, all mucked cards are re-shuffled back into the deck. The deck is cut, and play continues as normal.